Sts'ailes Days - July 28, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I’m happy to announce that the 2010 Sts’ailes Day  is on July 28th, 2010. This year this special day will be hosted at Camp Cove. It will be great to see this community and all-staff event take place.

Plans are being made to coordinate the festivities. Activities include swimming, canoe racing, storytelling and drumming and singing (bring your drums and Slahal sets!).

The day will start with some drumming and singing for the people along with celebrating some of our most recent successes. Each dept will briefly share their success story with the people followed by a meal at 12noon. The afternoon will be filled with some recreational canoe racing and fun in the sun.

What to bring:

Lawn chairs

Bug repellent


Sun block

Swimming gear

Plenty of drinking water (water will also be provided during the festivities)  

BYOP (Bring Your Own Plate-setting – dish, cup, eating utensils)

Departments and Programs are welcome to set up displays and bring information handouts or giveaways.  

Last year over 200 people attended the Sts’ailes Day festivities at 20 Mile Bay, and about 80 people camped overnight the day before.

Because there is limited parking at the campsite transportation will be provided from Weaver to Camp Cove before and after the festivities. Everyone is encouraged to use the transportation service or to carpool with family and friends to reduce congested traffic and parking.

A notice will be going out to all staff and to the community that will include more info. Sts’ailes Day is an all-staff and community event. I look forward to seeing all the staff (except those who provide essential services or have made prior arrangements with their Director or Manager) attend this workday to enjoy some time with the community we work for and to enjoy some time with one another outside the office.

This year everyone is welcome to once again camp the day before (at Camp Cove on July 27th).  The evening of the 27th, the young adults from the Girls Natural Changes Camp and Boys Warrior Camp will be honoured for completing the program. For your camping visit, remember to pack some food to snack on, and some garbage and recycling bags.  

Inquiries can be made to Sherylynn and Katherine.

Thank you,  

Willie Charlie / Cha Qua Wet


Chehalis Indian Band